Faculty - Timothy L. Sumerlin

Professor of Biblical CounselingTim

  • 1981 Indiana University, B.S. in Education
  • 1991 University of Missouri, M.A. in Secondary Counseling
  • 2009 Colorado State University, Ph.D. in Education and Counseling

I have served in the International Churches of Christ for thirty-four years in a variety of ministries. As the deacon of counseling for the Denver Church of Christ, I've built a team of trained counselors to work in a variety of settings. Along with teaching Christian counseling classes, I lead Grief Recovery Groups and the In Motion ministry as well as offering free counseling sessions for church members and friends. I also teach graduate classes at the University of Denver and the University of Phoenix.

After earning an undergraduate degree at Indiana University in 1980,  Jackie and I served in the full time ministry in Indianapolis, Birmingham, England and St. Louis. I went on to earn a masters degree in counseling and began a career in counseling. After opening new schools  in St. Louis and Dallas, I moved with my family to Denver, where I presently counsel in Castle Rock, Colorado. In 2009 I completed my doctoral work at Colorado State University and earned a Ph.D.

I have been married for 30 years to Jacqueline Chappell Sumerlin. We have two wonderful children - Danielle Sumerlin Hernandez and Timothy, who both teach English and serve on a mission team in Guangzhou, China.

My wife and I enjoy climbing mountains and hiking in beautiful Colorado with our basset hound, Brewski.