History of the School

The historical roots of RMSMT began when Glenn Giles started The DCC School of the Bible in the Denver Church of Christ, Denver, Colorado. Although not called by that name until around 2000, the first non-degree class was held in the Denver Church of Christ office in the Fall of 1991. The school gradually grew to include many different classes and students. The History and Reliability of the Bible course became the most popular class. It consisted of an overview of the history in the Bible, principles of interpretation, the reliability of the Bible, archaeology, and the development of the Bible canon. Many students, since the school’s inception, have completed this class and have taken a variety of other classes and been better equipped to serve Christ in many ways.

In July, 2009, the school changed its name to The Rocky Mountain School of Ministry expanding its scope and vision to help train ministers for Christ. In June 2010 it name was updated to The Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology to better reflect our commitment not only to train disciples for full time Christian ministry but to also train disciples at a greater depth in the doctrine and theology of the Bible whether or not they were involved in full time Christian ministry. On December 4, 2014, RMSMT was authorized by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to offer degrees and/or degree credits as a Religious Training Institution in the State of Colorado. This authorization opened the door for RMSMT to offer a Master of Arts in Ministry degree, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies at the beginning of 2015. Since that time RMSMT has developed two more degrees: Master Arts in Biblical Studies with Languages and Master of Arts in Christian Counseling. The school is currently under the direction of Dr. Glenn Giles and under the oversight of the elders and staff of the Denver Church of Christ, in Denver, Colorado.

Since our inception, RMSMT has grown to a total of 55 students taking courses for credit. We have also had two students successfully transfer into Lincoln Christian University graduate programs which we believe speaks highly to the quality of our course offerings and programs.

The Purpose of the School

It is the purpose of The Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology to bring glory to God by helping to develop intimate relationships between God, his disciples, and the lost through knowledge and application of his Word.

The Mission of the School

The mission of The Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology is to equip disciples to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through evangelism, church growth, and church planting as well as to give disciples a solid biblical foundation and maturity in their walk with God.