Welcome From Our RMSMT Director

Welcome and thank you for considering Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology (RMSMT) for the advancement of your understanding of God’s word and the development of your ministry skills for our Lord Jesus Christ! We here at RMSMT are dedicated to providing the highest quality programs and graduate level classes for the glory of God and the advancement of his kingdom here on earth.

On December 4, 2014, RMSMT was approved by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to offer Master’s Degrees and Master’s Degree Credits in the area of religion. This approval and recognition allows us this year (2015) to begin Master’s level programs to equip disciples of Christ for ministry and service whether working full time in Christian ministry or serving Christ in a secular field. Our goal is to better prepare disciples to love God and to help others to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength throughout their lives.

As part of the worldwide International Church of Christ (ICOC) fellowship of churches, it is our heart desire to help equip disciples to serve Jesus not only here in the United States but all over the world. To help accomplish this endeavor, we are providing face to face classes here in Colorado as well as online classes in the Bible, church history, and Christian ministry. We invite you to be part of this historic venture.

For God’s glory,

Glenn W. Giles, Ph.D. RMSMT Director

RMSMT Worldwide Update - February 2017

This has been a great year so far for our Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology (www.rmsmt.org) . Last year (January 2016) we expanded our outreach globally with the initiation of our online program to train ICOC students and staff around the world. Since beginning our first class in September 2015 with 7 students, our student population (not counting auditors) has now grown over 500% to 37 students. Of the 37 students we now have enrolled in the school 16 are first world students and 21 are third world students. We now have students from India, Nigeria, Kenya, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Granada, Bangladesh, as well as the USA. Many of these (especially those in the third world) are evangelists, church staff members, and even HOPE Worldwide workers.

At this time we have three world hubs in addition to our Denver base. These include our hub in India monitored by Roger Mathew, our hub in Africa monitored by Fred George, and our hub in the Philippines and SE Asia monitored by Dr. Rolan Monje.  At this time we are also working with Sebastian Serra in Argentina and others to develop a Latin American Hub for which we plan to have our courses translated into Spanish.

The number of our courses continues to grow. For the remainder of this year we plan to offer Church History taught by Dr. Steve Kinnard beginning next month and Biblical Archaeology in the Summer with Dr. Bill Moulden. This Fall we are planning to offer The Theology and Practice of Family Ministry (professors TBA) in conjunction with our Denver All Generations Conference over Labor Day weekend. We also plan to offer Christian Theology and World Religions taught by Dr. Douglas Jacoby this September through December. Future new classes include Biblical Hermeneutics, Jesus and Spiritual Formation, Biblical Discipleship, NT Greek and Exegesis, OT Hebrew and Exegesis, and more.

We are continuing to work to strengthen our relationship with Lincoln Christian University. As of right now we have 6 graduate courses that we have received solid verbal approval for transfer into their accredited programs should students decide they wish to transfer there to receive a fully accredited degree. Lincoln Christian University is continuing to working with us on this to help us maximize the number of courses that we are able to transfer to them. 

Beginning this fall (2017) we are planning to create a new Master's Degree Program: Master of Arts in Biblical Studies with Languages. This new degree will be a 48 semester hour degree which will require 6 hours of Hebrew language as well as 6 hours of New Testament Greek in addition to the 36 hours already required for the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree we now offer. Once students have taken these languages we will then also be able to develop Bible courses that study the books in their original languages. We believe that it is very important that our future (and present) leaders have a good understanding of the original biblical languages to help deepen their understanding of the Bible, ministry, and service for our Lord.

In order to support all of these programs, we are developing a 5 year financial plan. Since one of our major goals is to provide affordable online third world church leadership training, we hope, as part of the 5 year plan, to secure monetary help from churches and individuals in this missionary effort. We wish to be able to continue to give Third World students at least a 75% discount on tuition. If you know of churches or individuals or other entities who may want to help support us in this endeavor, please let us know and email us.